From:                                   Mark Chase <>

Sent:                                    Friday, October 21, 2016 4:50 PM

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Subject:                                D44 DA Nomination and Election Process


On behalf of Joe Mitchner, D44 Election Chairman:


D44 Presidents,

As Mark Chase mentioned at Wednesday's President's meeting, he has asked me to serve as the Election Chairman as we move forward in determing Mark's successor.  This email outlines the calendar and process for nominations and election. 

October 20th - Nomination and Election Process (including a link to the DA Biographical Profile) posted to D44 website.  (Also on the D44 website is a link to Little League International's DA Conflict of Interest Form.  The successful candidate will be expected to sign this form immediately following the election.)

Link to DA’s Biography:

Link to Conflict of Interest Document:

October 20th - November 6 - Nomination Period.  All candidates (including current D44 Board members) must be nominated by a current league president.  All candidates must submit a DA Biographical Profile (link on D44 website).  Nominations and DA Biographical Profiles must be emailed to Joe Mitchner ( by 9pm on November 6th.  (Candidates may email the DA Biographical Profile to Joe Mitchner and 'cc' the nominating league president, who shall then confirm his/her nomination.)  

November 9 - Candidates formally announced via email to D44 Presidents.  The announcement will include each candidate's DA Biographical Profile.

November 16 - D44 President's Meeting (and Election).  Each candidate who has met the November 6th Nomination deadline will be given up to 3 minutes (firm) to speak to the Presidents about his/her qualifications and reasons for running.  The order of speaking will be randomly selected.

Following the speeches, candidates (including any current President candidates) will be asked to leave the room.  Presidents (including current President candidates) will vote by paper ballot.  Ballots will be tabulated by Joe Mitchner and Mark Chase, who will announce the result immediately following the vote.  In the event of a tie, Presidents will vote a 2nd time (but only amongst the tied candidates).

Only current league presidents (or their pre-assigned designee) may vote.  Presidents (or their designee) must be present to vote.  For the election to be valid, a majority of D44 leagues must participate in the vote.

Following the election, Williamsport requires D44 to file a Report of Election announcing results.  As part of that document, each President in attendance will sign the Report of Election.

The newly elected DA will officially take office on December 1, 2016.

It's our hope that the Nomination and Election process be transparent and inclusive.  If you have questions or would like to discuss anything, please send me a note or give me a call.


Joe Mitchner