Little League Baseball- California District 44
District 44 Leagues
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District 44 Historical Tournament Summary

2019 TOC Minors:    Results    Recaps            2019 All-Stars 10u: Pools    Final4    Recaps    
2019 TOC Majors:    Results    Recaps            2019 All-Stars 11u: Pools    Final4    Recaps    
2019 TOC Juniors:   Results    Recaps            2019 All-Stars 12u: Pools    Final4    Recaps    Section5    
                                                                    2019 All-Stars Juniors:  Results
                                                                    2019 All-Stars Intermediate: Section5

2018 TOC Minors:     Results    Recaps           2018 All-Stars 10u: Pools    Final4    Recaps    Section5     NorCal 
2018 TOC Majors:     Results    Recaps           2018 All-Stars 11u: Pools    Final4    Recaps    Section5 
2018 TOC Juniors:    Results    Recaps           2018 All-Stars 12u: Pools    Final4    Recaps    Section5 
                                                                    2018 All-Stars Juniors:        Results   Recaps    Section5

2017 TOC Minors: Results  Recaps                2017 All-Stars 10u:  Pools   Final4   Recaps
2017 TOC Majors: Results  Recaps                2017 All-Stars 11u:  Pools   Final4   Recaps
2017 TOC Intermediate: Results                     2017 All-Stars 12u:  Pools   Final4   Recaps
2017 TOC Juniors: Results                             2017 All-Stars Juniors
2017 TOC Seniors: Results                            2017 All-Stars Seniors
                                                                   2017 Section 5 11u All-Stars: Bracket  Recaps

Past TOC Results: 2007-2016

Past All-Star Results: 2007-2016