Little League : California District 44


Little League organizes players into different divisions, based primarily on player age.  Use the official Little League Age Finder to determine your player "league age" and appropriate division.

The following divisions are registered, coordinated and scheduled at the individual League level:
  •      T-Ball

         Note that each local League may further sub-divide these divisions and/or use different names.

    The following divisions are registered at the individual League level, but are coordinated and scheduled at the District level:
         Challenger Division - For players of all ages with special needs
         Advanced Age Divisions:

Registering to Play

Player registration is handled separately by each of the 10 leagues in District 44.
League residency is based on where the player lives OR where they attend school.  (If the player lives within the boundary of one league but attends school within the boundary of a different league, they can choose to play in either league.) 
Use one of the links below to determine your local league, then use the links on the "About Us > Leagues in D44" page to visit your local league's website to register your child to play.

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