Little League : California District 44

Umpiring in California District 44 Little League

The Local League
Each Local league is responsible for recruiting, training, scheduling, and evaluating its own umpires. This includes regular season and assignments during T.O.C. and All-Stars. The use of volunteer adult umpires is encouraged. Developing youth umpires is also strongly encouraged.

In addition to training at the league level, training is available for league umpires at the District, Section, and Regional level. League should have all their umpires attend league and/or district training. Many of their umpires should also attend the Section Training. Those that can should travel to San Bernardino for either weekend or week-long umpire trainings there.

The District Umpire Staff
The District 44 Umpire Staff is an elite group of umpires who have been awarded “Red-Shirt” status. This designation is based on volunteerism, experience, training, and excellence in both umpire mechanics and rules knowledge and application. These umpires work important games throughout the regular season in their local leagues and across the District. They also work the most important games in the post-season. Red-Shirt umpires are also considered for tournament assignments at the Section, Division, Region and World Series levels.

To be considered as a candidate for a Red Shirt, umpires must:
Demonstrate a high level of service and volunteerism at the local league level in District 44.
Demonstrate excellence on the field in accepted umpire mechanics, rules knowledge and application, game management, and teamwork.
Have attended sufficient umpire training to develop his/her skills in umpiring.
Be recommended by their League President in writing to the District Umpire Consultant.
Be evaluated by the District Umpire Consultant or his/her designate. 
Make a commitment to a high level of volunteering and service at the District Level.

Recruiting new and returning umpires
As players register for each season, remember to be recruiting new and returning umpires for your leagues. Bottom line: we need more umpires. Period. Encourage umpires, both new and old, to attend the clinics, get out on the field early and often, and continue to be the backbone of our great program. Look for more information to come.

Handy Links and Tools for Umpires

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Little League Rules Index by Kevin Hunter (NJ D-17)
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WRLL Umpires Yahoo Group
Discuss rules and situations, network with umpires from all over the Western states. Includes brand new umpires through WR Instructors.

Umpire Equipment
The best equipment and customer service anywhere

California District 8 Umpire page by Western Region Instructor Jeff Frese
A very thorough compilation of information from one of the sharpest umpires in Little League

Great intro to basic Umpire Mechanics. Handed out at the Section 5 Umpire Clinics

Continuous Batting Order LL Specific Rules

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